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Ontario Family Court File Number of the Superior Court of Justice 04fl1234 (name of court) to the Rules of Family Law, o. reg. 114/99 Form 36: Affidavit of Divorce dated October 21, October 0, 161 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario k2p 2k1 (Court. The most common times a person uses an affidavit are: it can be written in the first person or in the third person (depending on who writes the document). It usually contains the following information in the order listed below: An affidavit is an official written statement of fact made by a person (called a deponent) under oath. It is managed by a person who has the power to regulate oaths. The affidavit can be signed before the notary or the affidavit. The person making an affidavit declares that the content mentioned in the affidavit is true and accurate and that nothing has been hidden or misstated. Although the affidavit is considered evidence of the facts set out in the affidavit, the courts are not empowered under Indian law to admit evidence by way of an affidavit. It is treated simply as evidence under Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act. It can be used to review or punish perjury, which requires legal action. Example of Philippine Foreign Service) ) s.s.

) Affidavit of Support and Consent i/we, parents/parents of , (name(s) of child(ren) residents of, after an appropriate oath under the law, hereby file and say: i/we give their full consent. The affidavit of residence is generally used and necessary for various legal matters. For citizens who do not have a proof of address document, an affidavit of residence must be proven that they live at the address they are claiming. The declaration of residence is required when applying for the following: Example of the affidavit of correction (subdivision) form i, (name of the surveyor), first be properly sworn, file and say that I am the surveyor who measured the platform of (name of the subdivision), as in the volume, page, book of the plateaus of the city for. ii. A certified clause on the question of context confirming the oath of the most afflicted (the person making the affidavit) with the date verified on that day————— – in case of ———————, that the content of the affidavit is true and correct, nothing substantial has been hidden and no part of it is false. The above list covers only some of the cases that required an affidavit of residence. U.S. Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services omb No. 1615-0014; 31.05.10 Form i-134, affidavit (reply to all points. Type or print in black ink) 121 2nd ave, apt 45, (street and house number) 08830 (status) (zip.

Form 30a Judicial Act Affidavit of Documents (Individual) (General Title) Affidavit of Documents i, (full name of the deponent), the (city, city, etc.) of , in the (county, regional municipality, etc.) of .., the applicant (or whatever). Verified that the content of my affidavit above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that nothing is hidden in it. Only example: same affidavit of income letter applicant`s name address city, state, zip phone number today date healthy families/medical for families p.o. box 138005 sacramento, ca 95813-8005 love healthy families and medical for families, I am. Sample Affidavit Form Whenever you need to submit an affidavit, you must follow this format. However, you can use the “certification language” found in the proof of shipment form instead of taking an oath before a notary or notary. On this ____ day of ______ 20 ) (signature of the applicant). I, a subsidiary ———————–S/O———————D of ——————-, approximately ———- years of age, residing in —————— – solemnly certify and declare the following: ClearTax Services: Plans based on your business needs Marriage Parental Counsel Affidavit i/we, both of legal age, Filipino citizen(s) and current resident, after hereby taking an oath in accordance with the law, hereby, leave and declare: 1. that I/we are the parents of whom I was, __ son of __ Residents of __ solemnly confirm and declare the following: – Publish the advertisement in two local newspapers in your country of residence and save copies of this newspaper for future reference.

The affidavit for the application for a passport instead of a lost passport/damaged passport/damaged passport has expired more than six (6) months (notarized on plain paper and with the signatures, names and addresses of two witnesses) i, (name), son of. 2.That I changed my name to _____ on (date of name change). 3.At all records have my new name ______. . . .