What Is Non Prosecution Form

Sometimes circumstances change for accused persons who are attacked when one or more witnesses decide to retract before law enforcement officers. This is called an affidavit of non-prosecution, which usually results from a disagreement about the official story told by one or more law enforcement agencies or a complainant witness. A police officer making the arrest may have exaggerated the extent of an injury or simply misidentified the main players in a case of assault. Alternatively, a witness may have exaggerated or lied about the facts in the heat of battle. The images above depict a typical non-police domestic violence affidavit used in domestic violence cases in Texas. An affidavit of non-prosecution includes a first page where the requesting witness writes his or her name, address and first page, as well as statements that the requesting witness is writing the affidavit voluntarily and not in any form of coercion, writing the affidavit in his own words and those of no one else. and calls on the Public Prosecutor`s Office to stop prosecuting the case. According to the statements, the requesting witness has an empty space to write his testimony by hand, and the affidavit of non-prosecution ends with a block of signatures and a place where a notary can confirm that the affidavit is true. A victim of domestic violence can at any time tell a prosecutor that she does not wish to testify against the accused. The victim is not required to make an affidavit of non-prosecution to refuse to testify. The prosecutor is likely to seek an affidavit to protect the prosecution from allegations that he failed to prosecute the parties accused of criminal domestic violence. In this situation, an affidavit does not benefit anyone other than the prosecutor.

Instead, we keep the affidavit until trial, and there are many ways to use the non-prosecution affidavit. It can show that the story of the alleged victim has changed, it can show that they are not true, or it can show that there is a valid defense and that the accused has not broken the law. A jury will generally be more open-minded than a prosecutor, which can help win a domestic violence case. Instead of making an affidavit of non-prosecution in a Texas courtroom, an alleged victim of an assault can simply explain to the prosecutor that she does not want to testify against the accused. However, the prosecutor will likely ask the alleged victim to file the affidavit anyway to provide legal protection. The main legal protection prevents future litigation in which the prosecutor is accused of failing to comply with his legal obligations in the event of bodily harm. As with most events that take place in criminal courtrooms, there are competing interests associated with writing non-prosecution affidavits. First, a prosecutor could try to persuade an alleged victim of assault to reconsider filing the affidavit. Even if an affidavit is filed, a prosecutor may attempt a conviction even if his or her record is significantly weakened.

Second, counsel for the accused will be able to present a stronger defense if the alleged victim of assault has filed an affidavit of non-prosecution. Finally, counsel for the alleged victim must conduct a thorough review of all affidavits and other forms of communication to ensure that his client does not commit perjury. An affidavit of non-prosecution in a assault case has important legal implications that require the services of an experienced litigant who understands the complexity of such affidavits. Make sure you understand all the legal aspects of a non-suing affidavit by contacting Capetillo Law Firm. In most cases, however, I recommend not giving the affidavit to the prosecutor. Most prosecutors assume that most of the defendants are guilty. If you hand over to the prosecutor and the affidavit, they will likely think it`s not true or simply designed by the defense attorney to dismiss the case. If the affidavit is a baseless form, there is nothing else to do but pursue the case. If the affidavit has substance, they now know what the defense lawyer`s strategy is, and they know that when this case comes to court, what they need to focus on to win in court so they can win. There is no fixed form or format of a non-suede affidavit in Texas. A prosecutor may have a general form that expresses only a victim`s wish that a case be dismissed, or his or her intention not to testify against the accused party in court.

A generic form rarely convinces a prosecutor to drop a case, especially if they have other admissible evidence to convict the accused (p.B medical records, 911 call recordings, other testimony, etc.). If you are charged with domestic violence in Texas, you can try to help your case make an affidavit of non-prosecution. An affidavit of non-prosecution is a written statement by the alleged victim in a domestic violence case in which the prosecutor is asked to dismiss the case. The purpose of the affidavit is to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the case. Many criminal cases in Collin County start with someone contacting the police and submitting a report. This is a common phenomenon in cases of domestic violence – someone tells the police that their partner attacked them. However, after some time, the prosecutor may no longer wish to be prosecuted. Maybe the person made it all up, or maybe they just want to “leave the incident behind” and avoid testifying at a public trial. In all cases, the victim of an alleged assault must sign an affidavit of non-prosecution with the confirmation of a notary. Failure to provide a notarized affidavit of non-prosecution will result in the affidavit being dismissed by the judge conducting the case. If a general form does not convince a criminal court of the legal validity of an affidavit of non-prosecution, the plaintiff`s lawyer has the option of making a much more comprehensive affidavit that gives them more leeway to negotiate.

As a criminal defense attorney based in Collin County, I used non-prosecution affidavits to get justice for community members throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. These affidavits can be used to combat any criminal charges involving a plaintiff witness, but domestic violence lawyers like me use them primarily to combat domestic violence cases in Texas. If you`ve been accused of violating a Texas domestic violence law, call me at 469-626-5390 for a free consultation. I will be happy to guide you through the process of navigating the criminal justice system in Dallas, Collin or Denton County, and I will help you provide forms for non-prosecution affidavits and information on how to write them. The real reason prosecutors ignore non-prosecution affidavits is irrelevant. It`s important to know when it`s still a good idea to make an affidavit, how to write it, and what to work on instead. Most of the non-prosecution affidavits that defense lawyers use are forms that simply ask the prosecutor to dismiss the case at the victim`s request. If the prosecutor ignores this affidavit (she will), it can do no other purpose because he does not show that the defendant is actually innocent.

I recently took over a case where another defense lawyer`s affidavit on non-prosecution actually confirmed what was in the police report, showed that the accused was guilty, and helped the prosecutor take another step toward conviction. I can say that when a requesting witness writes that an attack took place but does not want the defendant to be prosecuted, prosecutors tend to focus more on the words that indicate that an attack took place and less on the requesting witness`s desire to drop the charges. On the other hand, if a complainant witness makes a statement that creates a reasonable doubt as to the accuracy or interpretation of the statements during the police investigation, the affidavit of non-prosecution can seriously weaken the prosecutor`s record […].