MBS Cricket Bat

MBS Super Best Edition Cricket Bat

MBS Super Best Edition MBS Cricket Bat Malik MBS Super Best Edition cricket bat endorsed and used by Azhar Ali MB

Malik Sarfi Legend Grade 1+ Cricket Bat

MBS Sarfi Grade 1+ Cricket Bat Malik Sarfi Legend cricket bat endorsed and used by Misbah ul Haq Build for dynamic

Malik MBS Pro Edition Cricket Bat

Malik MBS Pro Edition cricket bat endorsed and used by Mohammad Nawaz BRAND: MBS Cricket Bat MODEL: Pro Edition Grade

Grade 1 English Willow MBS Cricket Bat

Cricket Mart’s Fabulous Collection of MBS  Cricket Bat UK represents Value without Compromising on Quality. 

MBS cricket bats were first produced in the early 1980s in Pakistan by a small company called Malik Brothers Sports. The company started as a small operation, with only a handful of workers producing a limited number of cricket bats. Cricket is a sport that has been played for centuries, and over the years, it has evolved in many ways. One of the most important aspects of cricket is the cricket bat, which has undergone many changes to become what it is today.