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A cricket bat is an essential piece of protective equipment primarily used by bowlers in the game of cricket. Usually consisting of a short cane handle connected to a standard-sized willow- wood blade. As with all other cricket equipment, a cricket bat should be properly cared. Kept in a good condition at all times. Cricket bats have to be handled with care as they a tendency to become very hot if mishandled. You can be purchase from most sporting goods stores or from most major retail outlets from Online Store Cricket Mart; there are also many online stores that sell cricket bats and other cricket equipment.

A new cane handle on a cricket bat gives the bat a heavier feel when carrying. It compared to an aluminum or steel bat but often preferred because of the increased control it offers. Cane handles often made from a mixture of rubber and metal; newborn is a hard rubber that commonly used in manufacturing both a handle and blade. Newbery is lightweight and strong and makes a great replacement for aluminum and steel.

Using this Technique Prevents Dirt

When a cricket bat needs cleaned after a game of cricket. It is important to wash the bat with warm soapy water and a mild detergent. Washing the cricketer prior to use allows. The cricketer to remove any dirt or dust on the blade and inside the bat. The bat should be wiping clean with a towel and then rinsed with water. The soap being left on the cricketer as a disinfectant. Using this technique prevents dirt from getting into the seams of the cricket bat making it much easier to replace after frequent usage.

Cricket bats from UK known for their heavy bats and long necks. Unlike other countries, where the cricket bat has a short but easily reachable neck, prefer their bats to be a lot heavier to prevent the muscles in their body from tiring easily. Due to this, it can be assumed that are among the heaviest bats in the world. The weight of the bat is not the only factor that determines the cost of an bats; their design and finish as well as the size of the blade are also some of the determining factors that influence the price of an bats.

Shape and Density of the Wood

The shape and density of the wood is also a deciding factor when it comes to pricing of bats. Generally, the dense woods are more expensive as the sweet spot is less dense and therefore cheaper to buy. The denser woods generally lighter in weight and therefore cost less to purchase.

The handle of an cricket bat is of great importance. Bats that used in International Cricket matches usually have a heavy metal or wooden handle, which is very strong and durable and helps to keep the hand in position to strike the ball. The popularity of the handle is due to its strength, which helps to create balance during a swing. The popularity of the wood handle is due to its strength and durability. This wood is popular in United Kingdom and so is the wood which used in English Willow Cricket Bats

Length & Blade of the Bats

The length of the bat blade is another major factor in its pricing. The longer the blade, the sturdier it is and hence is costlier. However, with better technique and practice it would be possible to get the same result with junior bats that cost much lesser. A junior bat with a one inch and a half inch blade is good enough for a budding cricketer. The length of the blade affects the flight capability of the ball and hence should be chosing carefully.

For better grip, most of the bats fitted with a diamond or rubber grip, which improves the control of the batsmen. Most of the bats come fitted with an anti-scuff sheet to provide extra grip and protection against any damage to the blade or the handle. An anti-scuff sheet made of thick synthetic material, such as plastic. While the cost of the anti-scuff sheet may be higher than the actual cost of buying the junior bat, it is important that you buy the anti-scuff after you have used the junior cricket bat. With the better techniques and practice, it will be possible to use any other type of bat, which does not require the use of anti-scuff sheets.

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