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Imperfection English Willow Cricket Bats

We are constantly asked about the various symbols, desires and imperfections in Wings Wings. Many cricketers are looking for cricket bat that have straight grains and are fun. Such bats are almost flawless, and can be found in our 1+ class bats.

Here at cricket mart we only produce bats from unparalleled English willow  cricket bats. Undoubtedly there will be some imperfections in the plant due to its natural cycle. In many of these cases these imperfections will not affect the performance of the cricket bats.

Pin Knot

Maybe he was imperfect. These are generally small (up to 1cm wide). They are usually on the edge and / or behind the cricket bats uk although they are sometimes found on the nose. They will not affect the power of the bat game.


He measured the places where the rows would go next to the willow corn. It is believed that small larvae or insects caused them during the growth of the plant. Speck is just an ornament and has no effect on bats.


Butterfly Stain as it appears; like the shape of a butterfly by willow. The paint adds strength to the finished bath, giving it a longer life in the bath which is more likely to break than the bat. The large white line seen in the image shows a deep color that adds to the bass. This is called leopard print or wine color.


The deficiency that occurs when the plant stops growing for a while, perhaps. Therefore, The bat has no weakness and must run in a line of tissue that goes along with the normal grain.


The plant is pruned slowly, and the branches are allowed to grow for many years. As long as the rope in front of the bat has no harmful effect on the bat. Lots of dead ropes are often seen behind the bat.

There are many other imperfections in bats. The imperfections I mentioned above don’t make sense unless they’re in a bat game area. It is believed that some cricketers want butterflies to affect bats for longevity and a nice “deliberate spot”.

Former England international cricketer Alistair Cook posted a photo of his bat on Facebook that clearly shows a dead rope in the back. So would you be surprised at the willow level? Such a player can send us Class 1 or Class 1+. Anyway, this gives the impression of what many professional cricketers have told us, “the bath is meant to give you a ‘good’ feeling”.

Undoubtedly the choice of bats is in the owner’s eyes. Our advice is to find a cricket bat that is comfortable for you in terms of weight, balance and impact.

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